Recovery Reimagined | The Difference Principle Network launches its new health and wellness brand: Sirona Recovery, Inc.
October 30, 2020

The Difference Principle, Inc., a Milwaukee-headquartered nonprofit, has launched its new health and wellness company, Sirona Recovery, Inc., in order to realign similarly oriented programs within the network under a common brand.

Sirona Recovery consolidates the education programming, prevention services, and COPE support hotline at Starting Point, Inc. with treatment access, recovery support, and housing services currently operated by JusticePoint, Inc. under a single mission-focused agency. The new company serves individuals residing in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Washington, and Waukesha counties seeking support and resources for their recovery journey, including access to treatment, education and prevention, emotional support, and assistance finding and maintaining safe and stable housing.

This realignment of existing operations comes after several years of explosive growth in program delivery by both JusticePoint and Starting Point, leading program managers and agency executives to undertake a rearrangement of existing programs and services to better align with the stated missions of each agency. The mission of Sirona Recovery is “to provide support, education, and evidence-based programming to individuals experiencing substance use and mental health issues.” Though a relatively broad aim, Sirona Recovery works closely with the communities in which services are deployed to identify specific service gaps and to provide effective programming with high fidelity to the research from which those programs were derived.
The Difference Principle, Inc. is the administrative backbone of a growing array of social justice-minded nonprofit organizations operating throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. As the parent company to JusticePoint, Justice Initiatives Institute, and now Sirona Recovery, The Difference Principle delivers evidence-backed management services to its network of nonprofits – taking on the back office work in order to free program staff and managers at the subsidiary organizations to focus on fulfilling the specific mission, vision, and goals to which their agency is dedicated.

Information about The Difference Principle or its subsidiary organizations Sirona Recovery, JusticePoint, and Justice Initiatives Institute can be found on their respective websites or by contacting Ed Gordon, The Difference Principle’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at [email protected].