Treatment Alternatives and Diversion
Sirona’s Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program provides justice-involved individuals alternatives to incarceration and an opportunity to proactively address the core issues that contribute to their legal difficulties.
Our Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program provides opportunities for adults in the Ozaukee County courts to obtain case management, monitoring and services referrals with the overall goal of reducing recidivism for each program participant. By addressing needs such as substance use, mental health, employment and/or housing, our TAD program strives to address needs that keep an individual bound to the legal system. Services are provided for both Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Agreements through the Ozaukee County Circuit Court. Typically lasting one year, a successful completion of an agreement can lead to amended or dismissed charges in criminal cases. Referrals to our program are granted through the Ozaukee County District Attorney’s office.
Contact Information:

To schedule an eligibility screen for the program or to learn more information about our TAD program, please contact 414-779-5111 or email [email protected]